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Chair of the CCRA Board  

Stephen Robbins, PhD, is the Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute for Cancer Research and Professor, Departments of Oncology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, at the University of Calgary. Dr. Robbins was elected from among the organizational representatives.      

The Board is comprised of 15 members. There are 13 organization representatives: three representatives from the largest federal government cancer research funding agencies, three representatives from the largest provincial cancer research funding agencies/organizations, three representatives from the largest voluntary sector/charitable cancer research funding agencies/organizations, one representative from the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies, one representative from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and two representatives elected from the broader membership. There are two non-scientific members, representing patients/survivors/families affected by cancer, who are elected through a nomination process.

Organizational Representatives

  • Dr. Lucille Beaudet, Director of Scientific Affairs, Cancer Research Society 
  • Dr. Cindy Bell, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development, Genome Canada [Chair-Elect]
  • Dr. Judy Bray, (interim) Vice President, Research, Canadian Cancer Society
  • Dr. Craig Earle, Vice President, Cancer Control, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Dr. Stuart Edmonds, Vice President, Research, Health Promotion and Survivorship, Prostate Cancer Canada
  • Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan, Leader, Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Program, National Research Council
  • Dr. Victor Ling, President and Scientific Director, The Terry Fox Foundation 
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Director of the Network for Cancer Research, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé 
  • Dr. Nicole Mittmann, Chief Research Officer, Cancer Control Ontario
  • Dr. Sri Navaratnam, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba, representing the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies
  • Dr. Stephen Robbins, Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Cancer Research 
  • Dr. Paula Robson, Scientific Director - Cancer Research, CancerControl Alberta & Cancer Strategic Clinical Network
  • Dr. Christine Williams, Deputy Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Patient/Survivor/Family Representatives

  • Ms. Ruth Ackerman
  • Mr. Patrick Sullivan