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Representatives from the CCRA member organizations are listed underneath their respective logos.

Alberta Cancer Foundation
Ms. Theresa Radwell


Alberta Innovates
Mr. Tim Murphy

Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Ms. Susan Marshall/Ms. Susan Ruypers

Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Ms. Kimberly Carson


BC Cancer Agency


C17 Research Network
Ms. Kathy Brodeur-Robb


Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies
Dr. Sri Navaratnam


Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology
Dr. Michael Brundage

Canadian Cancer Society
Dr. Judy Bray

Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Dr. Stephen Robbins


Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Dr. Craig Earle


CancerCare Manitoba
Dr. Neil Watkins


Cancer Care Ontario
Ms. Andrea Mackesy


Cancer Research Society
Dr. Lucille Beaudet


Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé
Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson


Genome Canada
Dr. Cindy Bell


The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Ms. Elisabeth Fowler


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada
Dr. Paul O'Connell


Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research
Dr. Bev Holmes


National Research Council
Dr. Lakshmi Krishnan


New Brunswick Cancer Network
Dr. Eshwar Kumar


Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program
Dr. Drew Bethune


Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Dr. Christine Williams


Ovarian Cancer Canada
Ms. Elisabeth Baugh


Pancreatic Cancer Canada
Ms. Michelle Capobianco


Dr. Valérie Thibodeau


Prostate Cancer Canada
Dr. Stuart Edmonds


Public Health Agency of Canada
Dr. Margaret de Groh


Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation
Dr. Jida El Hajjar


Research Manitoba
Ms. Christina Weise


Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Mr. Kevin Wilson


Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation
Mr. Patrick Odnokon


The Terry Fox Research Institute
Dr. Victor Ling



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