More on the Partnership’s Role

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The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is committed to enhancing the cancer research environment in Canada through its support of the CCRA and CCRA’s role in coordinating the cancer research funding system. As a member and funder of the CCRA, the Partnership collaborates with other member organizations to enable the strategy for cancer research in Canada.

Since the inception of the Partnership it has been a member of CCRA, and since 2008, the Partnership has funded and housed the CCRA Executive Office, which was previously housed at the CIHR Institute of Cancer Research and funded by CIHR and member organizations. The Partnership’s support made possible the first ever pan-Canadian cancer research strategy (2010-2014), a member-driven strategy which helped to solidify the commitment of Canada’s cancer research funders to strengthen and coordinate research efforts across the country. 

One of the initial activities from this strategy was the generation of a report on the state of cancer clinical trials in Canada. This report identified the urgent need to address challenges in the clinical trials system in Canada and proposed the creation of a pan-Canadian infrastructure program to support cancer clinical trials. The Partnership supported the development of a business case for the resulting Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN), laying the groundwork for its initial mandate. Alongside a number of partners, the Partnership has committed funding to this initiative to the end of March 2017.

Another activity from the initial pan-Canadian cancer research strategy was the development of a biennial cancer research conference. The initial Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC) was held in Toronto in November 2011 with the participation of nearly 1,000 researchers, trainees, and other stakeholders. A resounding success, subsequent conferences have since been held in 2013 (Toronto) and 2015 (Montréal), with the next scheduled in 2017 (Vancouver). The Partnership has made an unparalleled contribution to this major dissemination event as one of the conference supporters and through its support of the CCRA Executive Office, which is charged with organizing and delivering the conference with the research funding and scientific communities.

The ongoing cancer research investment reports (investments reported from 2005 onward) have provided invaluable information to cancer research funders and helped identify gap areas where strategic funding and partnered activities are needed. Data for these reports are contributed by CCRA members and other partners. With the Partnership’s support of the Executive Office, these reports continue to be published annually and are made available to the research funding community and other relevant stakeholders.

Target 2020, the renewed pan-Canadian strategy, outlines new collaborative priorities among CCRA members for years 2015-2020. Tactics are lead or co-lead by a number of member organizations, including the Partnership, and represent the funders’ shared priorities for action to advance cancer research and cancer control.