Pan-Canadian Cancer Research Strategy

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In May 2010 the CCRA published the first pan-Canadian cancer research strategy, which was developed in consultation with research funding agencies, researchers, clinicians, patients, survivors, the public, and policy makers. The Pan-Canadian Cancer Research Strategy set an agenda of new collaborations between research funding agencies, providing a vision for Canadian cancer research achievement from 2010 to 2015. The 24 action items of the plan supplemented the important activities of CCRA members by providing a series of new priorities and actions to be implemented collaboratively by CCRA members. To access the final report for this first strategy, click here.

With the success of the first strategy, CCRA members agreed to develop and implement a new shared strategy. Target 2020: A Strategy for Collaborative Action, 2015‒2020, builds on the first strategy and is intended to accelerate research and maximize the impact of investments in research for the benefit of Canadians living with, and affected by, cancer. Target 2020 builds on the activities of individual CCRA member organizations to address gaps and strengthen Canada’s cancer research enterprise.

Creation of this new strategy was informed by CCRA member priorities, consultation with the research community, funding initiatives and emerging trends in science, policy and cancer care. Transformative initiatives requiring coordinated action by multiple funders form the foundation for this new strategy. Target 2020 is organized around six thematic goals: Discovery; Clinical Innovation; Prevention; Patient Experience; Health Services; and Core Activities. Click here to access the full Target 2020 report.