Learn what CanPath has to offer researchers

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Are you conducting cancer, chronic disease or COVID-19 research?

The Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow’s Health, CanPath, is Canada’s largest population health study. CanPath recently released their latest video, Learn What CanPath Has to Offer Researchers! This video highlights the comprehensive health data available for researchers, including 2,800 variables and biosamples (e.g., imaging data, detailed blood biochemistry, genotyping results). We invite researchers and trainees to learn about the CanPath data access process and apply for data access.

What kind of data is available?

  • Baseline and follow-up data of more than 2,800 variables and biosamples from 330,000+ Canadian participants across regional cohorts.
  • Measures such as detailed blood biochemistry and genotyping results. CanPath has nearly 160,000 DNA source material samples!

Who can access the data?

  • CanPath resources are available to the research community, including trainees, to advance scientific knowledge while protecting the privacy of participants.

How do I submit a request?