New Funding Opportunity from CIHR

CIHR LogoCIHR’s Health Effects of Vaping Catalyst Grant funding opportunity will support projects relevant to the following research areas:

  • Youth vaping of nicotine, cannabinoid extracts, THC, and other compounds
  • Short and/or long-term health effects of vaping (including lung injury in youth and/or adults)
  • Behaviours and associated health and social impacts of vaping product use (youth and/or adults)
  • Mental health, addiction and dependence in the context of vaping (youth and/or adults)
  • Vaping policy issues related to youth and/or adults
  • Vaping and oral health (youth and/or adults)
  • Other areas related to the health consequences of vaping in youth and/or adults

Sex and/or gender issues are an important component of this research initiative. Studies using preclinical models, mechanistic, human and/or population-based approaches are eligible for this funding opportunity. Research projects exploring the use of vaping as a smoking cessation tool or as a harm reduction strategy, however, are not eligible.

Registration deadline is March 25, 2020. For more information, click here.